Have you ever searched online "how-to" do something? Are you searching the same thing that a lot of New Yorkers are searching?

Ah, the internet - All the information we could ever use, right at our fingertips. Although a lot of people waste this privilege by getting in political and religious arguments with strangers, there are still quite a few people who actually use the internet for knowledge. And a lot of that knowledge comes from looking up how to do something.

Are you looking up the same "how to" questions that other New York residents are? How does your "how to" searches compare to the rest of the country. Well, the good people at Estately.com decided to do a little research to find out what how-to question each state googles more compared to the other 49 states. According to Estately,

...Using Google Autocomplete, we compiled hundreds of the most common how-to questions Americans type into the Google search bar. We then ran those searches through Google Trends to determine which state queried each of these selected searches the most over the past 5 years.

So what lucky "how to" question did New York google more than any other state? Check out the snippet of Estately's map below and see New York's search, along with other states in the northeast:

Snippet of How To Questions States Google More Than Other States
Photo Credit: Estately.com

Really?! "How to explain mansplaining?" We're guessing a lot of these searches had to come from the city because this is definitely NOT a Central New York thing. Not saying it doesn't happen in our area, just saying we don't think people in CNY are searching mansplaining, let alone how to explain what it is.

You can see the full United States map, with every state's most searched "how to" question (compared to other states) here.



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