No one likes a cheater. Being cheated on can be one of the worst things, and to make it even worse is being cheated on without knowing. That can be much worse. What are some tips to look for?

Here are some things to look according to The Stir for you to look for if you suspect you're in a relationship with a cheater:

  • You Earn More Than Him: His ego might just lead him to prove his manhood somewhere else.
  • He Works Long Hours: He might be working. Or, he might be doing something else.
  • His Father or Brother Has Had an Affair: Scientists have actually discovered a cheating gene. So watch out for that!
  • He Doesn't Like Your Family or Friends: Maybe he doesn’t get along with your circle of friends and family.
  • He's a Social-Networking Addict: Why is he spending so much time on Facebook? Twitter? Myspace (If he’s still on Myspace that may send a huge red flag, because no one in the right mind still uses it)

The full list can be found online with The Stir