With the snowflakes floating in the air, winter is going to be here soon. Sure, many are excited, but this guy nails how we all really feel, deep-down.

When you're younger, winter is great! Sledding, building snowmen and snow forts, and playing outside in the cold. As we get older, we start disliking this time of year more and more. It's not that we all absolutely hate it (there's still some cool things to do in the snow - like snowmobiling), but having to deal with all the snow starts becoming a pain. Driving in it is awful, shoveling it, and when snow gets in your boots? Yeah, forget  that!

For most adults, winter is a rough time of the year. We rather be on a beach, soaking up the sunshine. This guy sums up our feelings by making this cute, snowy, piece of art.

How I feel about winterHow I feel about winter

Posted by Disturb Reality on Sunday, October 18, 2015


He's right - laying in a hammock would be a lot better. But it's Central New York, we know how our winters go. The only thing we can do, is try to make the best of them, or hibernate until spring!




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