What's better than ice cream? How about a whole museum dedicated to the delicious dessert, complete with tasty treats you can actually eat...

This isn't a museum experience you're going to want to put off - The "pop-up" ice cream museum will only be around for one month. That means it's time to put in those vacation days, or plan a day to *cough, cough* call in sick so you can enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime 'treat' (and no, we're not just talking about the ice cream you get to eat).

You don't HAVE to take a day off to check out this "wonderland," we just suggest it because of the location. The museum will open up at the end of this month in New York City - in the Meatpacking District. You may be thinking, "Why would I want to head down to the City?" Well... Ice cream, that's why! Do you need a bigger excuse than that?

So you're probably wondering what a museum dedicated to ice cream will offer. It has tons of stuff, of course! Yes, you'll get ice cream, but there are other treats as well. According to NBC New York,

...the interactive museum features a swimmable rainbow "sprinkle" pool, edible balloons, an immersive chocolate room and a collaborate massive ice cream sundae.

And that's not all. There is also an ice cream sandwich swing, an ice cream scooper seesaw, and many more attractions.

The museum opens on July 29th and will remain open every day through August 31st - Except for Tuesdays. Cost is $18 for adults ($30 for two), and $12 for children and senior citizens. You can get tickets and check out more info on this awesome museum on their website here.

Why not celebrate the love of ice cream, by taking a trip to the Ice Cream Museum in New York City - It's the 'coolest' way to enjoy your ice cream this summer.



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