New signs posted on the Northbound Arterial in Utica seem to indicate that Interstate 790 has been extended through the city.

This may be a bit wonky and only of interest to a roadgeek like me, but the extension of an interstate is a significant event.

Currently the western terminus of Intestate 790, which begins at Interstate 90 and NY Thruway Exit 31, is at the NY 5A/5S junction along Oriskany Boulevard.

However the new signs posted along the Arterial between French Burrstone Roads indicate that portion of the arterial is now Interstate 790, since the sign is posted as "East I-790" rather than "To I-790."

Is it a problem to extend the interstate to this point? Possibly, yes. National interstate highway regulations don't allow for traffic lights and intersections along an interstate. One of the rare exceptions is along Interstate 690 in Syracuse during the New York State Fair. If Interstate 790 is now part of the Arterial south of Oriskany Boulevard, that means that there are presently 4 new traffic lights on the national Interstate Highway System at Court, Warren, Noyes and Oswego streets.

I have posted my question to the public information officer at the NYS Department of Transportation Region 2 headquartered in Utica.