There are 66 mainline Interstate highways that crisscross the country from I-2 along the Rio Grande Valley in Texas to I-97 in Maryland. Eight of these Interstates traverse New York State, and the Mapquest Discover blog has ranked them all.

#66 Interstate 95

I-95 from Maimi to Maine was ranked as the worst drive in the country. Sure it passes every major American city on the East Coast from DC to Philly, NY and Boston, but can you imagine the traffic? The New York portions of I-95 include the Trans-Manhattan Expressway, Cross Bronx Expressway, Bruckner Expressway and New England Thruway all in New York City and Westchester County

#52 Interstate 86

I'm surprised this highway wasn't ranked lower. It's not even complete. Someday, in the distant, distant future, Interstate 86 will superscede New York State Route 17 as the Quickway from the Hudson Valley to Binghamton and from Binghamton to the PA state line near Erie as the Southern Tier Expressway. Currently there are many gaps in Interstate 86 in New York due to the road not being built to interstate standards.

#46 Interstate 84

I-84 is the only Interstate other than I-90 to cross the state from east-to-west from Port Jervis to the Connecticut line near Brewster. Fun fact, upstate New Yorkers will love - for about 20 years, the non-tolled I-84 was under the jurisdiction of the New York State Thruway Authority - yes your upstate tolls at work to help maintain an un-tolled downstate highway.

#32 Interstate 88

There's pretty scenery travelling Interstate 88 between Binghamton and Schenectady, but that's about it along this route (no offence intended, Oneonta). Another Thruway fun fact - travelers using the Thruway in the capitol district to connect from I-88 to the Northway (I-87) aren't charged for a toll.

#27 Interstate 78*

I'm asterisking 78, as it barely reaches into New York State. Officially, the highway exists for only half a mile in Manhattan from the Holland Tunnel to Canal Street.

#19 Interstate 87

This is the quintessential New York State interstate. It's actually an intrastate - as 87 serves no other state but New York stretching more than 300 miles from New York City to the Canadian border at Champlain. About half of the route is the Thurway form the Bronx to Albany at Exit 24 while the northern portion of I-87 is known as the Adirondack Northway, traveling through terrain so sparse there are signs warning drivers of a lack of cell phone coverage.

#15 Interstate 81

Aside from Interstate 87, this is the only mainline Interstate to cross the entire state from north to south beginning at the Canadian border at the Thousand Islands and heading to the Pennsylvania line south of Binghamton.

#1 Interstate 90

I-90 was Mapquest's choice for the top interstate in the country. They made their choice because

As the USA's longest interstate, it is the King of the Plains, Big Sky Central, the Northern Delights, or perhaps the Road Not to Take in Winter.

On its way, it goes from Boston's Freedom Trail to almost within the spray of Niagara Falls, into rock'n'roll HQ in Cleveland then Chicago, across the plains to Wall Drug's throw-back free water and Mt Rushmore, to the world's first dude ranch, past Custer's last stand at Little Bighorn, over Idaho's Fourth of July Summit, and reaching birthplace of something called Starbucks.

So as you grumble about the cost of driving the New York State Thruway, know you're travelling the #1 interstate in the country.

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