The collapse of the I-5 bridge in Washington State was a major failure in our country's highway infrastructure, but it certainly wasn't the first.  See other major bridge collapses.

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    Tacoma Narrows Bridge

    Tacoma, Washington

    The windy Tacoma Narrows proved too much for a span designed to carry Washington State Route 16 between Tacoma and Gig Harbor. The 1940 bridge was in service for less than 6 months when it collapsed. Nicknamed the Galloping Gertie for its constant swaying, the bridge fell during high wind conditions.

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    I-35W over Mississippi River

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Interstate 35 splits through the Twin Cites, I-35E serves St. Paul and I-35W runs through Minneapolis. The I-35W bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed on August 1, 2007. 13 people died and the bridge was out of service for over a year, reopening in September of 2008. A design flaw in the original construction was determined to be the cause.

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    I-40 Bridge Collapse

    Webbers Falls, Oklahoma

    A section of Interstate 40 fell into the Arkansas River in May of 2002. A tugboat operator accidentally rammed one of the bridge's supports. 14 people died during this collapse.

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    Sunshine Skyway

    Tampa Bay, Florida

    Similar to the I-40 accident, the Sunshine Skyway was hit by a ship during a storm. The accident which occurred in 1980 killed 35 people including passengers in a Greyhound Bus. Today the Sunshine Skyway has been rebuilt and the four mile bridge carries Interstate 275 over Tampa Bay.

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    Silver Bridge

    Point Pleasant, West Virginia

    The only bridge collapse that carries a paranormal connection is the Silver Bridge collapse of 1967. The bridge crosses the Ohio River between Point Pleasant, WV and Gallipolis, OH. 46 people were killed during the collapse. The official cause of the collapse was due to a structurally deficient eyebar. However, the collapse is also tied to the myth of the Mothman, a creature thought to haunt the region and was made popular by the book and movie, 'The Mothman Prophesies.'