Happy Halloween one day early.  It's a big day when you're little.   Kids everywhere should be putting on their costumes and ringing doorbells hoping to fill their Halloween bag or bucket with loads of candy.  But Sandy has arrived and changed plans for lots of trick or treaters.  Last year, Americans spent about $2.3 billion on candy.  Wow, that's some serious spending.    As a kid, I couldn't wait for Halloween.  So much candy and it was all mine!  Kids can certainly relate to that.  Isn't that part of the thrill on Halloween?  Hurricane Sandy has put a damper on Halloween plans for lots of Americans.  Power outages, flooding and dangerous conditions will leave the trick or treaters missing their door to door routine.  We've been told alot the past few days to stock up on batteries, water, non-perishable goods and things like that.  I've done all  that but one thing is also for sure.  If I'm without power, I have enough Halloween candy to last me until Christmas!  Do you too?