Do you have any frenemies? A frenemie of course is someone who acts like your friend but deep down, you know she really isn't. A frenemy doesn't have your best interest at heart and will probably step on you if given the chance.

Frenemies are sometimes hard to identify because they are masters of masquerading around as good friends. However, College Candy offers five warning signs that you should look for if you think you may be rubbing elbows with a frenemy:

1) She's a master manipulator. She will try to get you to think you want what she wants. She is not looking out for you, she is looking out for herself but the kicker is you think she's looking out for you.

2) She's in constant competition with you. She has to beat you at everything even something she is not interested in or good at. What's important is that she takes any opportunity she can to show that's she's better than you.

3) She's only around when she needs something. She isn't there for you when you need her. However, as soon as she needs something from you, she magically re-appears as if from nowhere and is ready to be your pal.

4) She can compliment you and insult you at the same time. This girl majored in backhanded compliments.

5) She's never honest. She is constantly lying. You tend to ignore it, but after a certain amount of lies, it's time to realize that your friend is a frenemy.