A rare astrological event called the 'Transit of Venus' will occur this week.  Does this movement of the heavens have any bearing on the recent 'Zombie Apocalypse' type attacks that occurred last week?  France's Prince Louis XVII may hold the answer.

Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

A transit occurs when a plant moves between Earth and the Sun.  A Transit of Venus happens twice within eight years (one occurred in 2004) and then won't occur again for more than a century.  The next transit of Venus will occur in 2117.

The mythology of the Mayan relate the Venus transit to the snake god Kukulan.  The MezoAmerican cultures likely tracked the 1396 transit.

There is a very odd event tied into the 2004 transit event involving the burial of the pickled heart of France's Prince Louis XVII.  Louis was just 10 when he died in 1795.  The young king suffered from scrofulous.  The lymphatic disease is known as 'tuberculosis of the neck' - sufferers develop infected growths on the neck.

The young prince's life occurred during the tumultuous French Revolution and his parents, King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, were executed.

The prince was apparently kept in seclusion, in a dark

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room with very little human contact in the final stages of his life.  After his death, the revolutionary French government apparently did some three-card-monte and there were long standing rumors that the prince was spirited away.  In 2004 DNA evidence proved that the dead child from the 1790s was the prince.

Interestingly, on the same date date as the last tranist of Venus in 2004, the prince's pickled heart was given a royal burial.

What oddities may occur with this year's transit?