We were walking near the Erie Canal in Utica this past weekend and encountered the domicile of a homeless man - a tent under an overpass, and it got me thinking about homeless people in Upstate New York. In Ithaca, the homeless have taken a part of town as their own and called it the Jungle.

The Cornell newspaper profiled residents of the Ithaca Jungle in 2013

Times have apparently changed in the last few years. The Ithacan reported that as of February 2013, there was no one living in the Ithaca Jungle.

Which Religion Gives The Most to a Homeless Man [IMAGE]

While it's nowhere near scientific, it is an interesting sociological study being on a street somewhere in America. A user on Reddit posted this photo which shows a man holding a sign asking 'which religion cares the most about the homeless?" The labeled collection plates are: Muslim, Atheist, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Spiritual, Agnostic, Pagan and Christian.