A man was caught on video stealing tablecloths from a Central New York restaurant. How the restaurant responded will shock you.

A man, presumed to be homeless, was captured on security cameras stealing the tablecloths from tables on an outdoor patio at The Hub Eatery on Bleeker Street in Utica. He then proceeded to use the tablecloths as blankets and slept on the restaurant's patio.

Other businesses might have chosen to ignore the theft, or might have contacted police, and understandably so. But the folks at The Hub Eatery had a different idea:

To the homeless guy who stole our table clothes then slept on the patio using them as blankets, we have blankets food and shelter for you and anyone else in need, plz just use back door when hungry, all you have to do is ask and we will help u

Instead of calling the police, they offered the man - and anyone else is need - blankets, food, and shelter. That's pretty amazing. (I'll be honest, I kinda welled up when I read their post.)

Owner Frank Cotrupe says "We are here for the community and to help as much as we can."

They shared their post offer on their Facebook page, and people are blown away by their generosity:

"Absolutely love this! If only more people in the world were like this. THANK YOU"

"Glad there's people like you who are willing to help someone out."

The Hub Eatery is located at 222 Bleecker Street in Utica, and they serve a menu of burgers, sandwiches, salad, and soup.

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