While driving in a snow storm or even on a very cold morning, did you ever wonder why your car's windshield doesn't have a great defroster like the rear window?  Those air vents just don't seem to get the job done.   But, most car makers don't want to put those wires that are used in rear defrosters in their windshields.  Jaguar and a couple of other car companies have, but drivers often find those them distracting.

While that could all change very soon.   Volkswagen has created a new type of heated windshield.  The automaker told MSNauto.com that they will embed a very thin layer of silver in the glass that will have an electrical current running through it.  They say it will quickly clear the windshield as well as help thaw out icy wipers.

And, the report says that silver layer in the windshield will also reflect hot sunlight away from the car, keeping the interior much cooler during the hotter months.  VW says the heated windshield option will cost about $365 U.S. dollars.  Might be well worth the price, and hopefully other car companies will offer this technology before long.

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