There's a lot of reasons to dislike winter, but what's the number one top reason? Why can't people stand this time of the year?

Everyone has there reasons for disliking winter - whether it's the snow, the cold, or the fact that the days are way too short, there's a million reasons to complain. But what is the ultimate reason to hate winter? If you could only choose one reason, which one would it be? Do you hate shoveling snow more than anything else? Does the lack of daylight mess with your mood and drive you absolutely crazy?

We want to know how you feel. Out of all the reasons to dislike this time of the year, which one is the absolute worst? Voice your opinion on the poll below:

Join Matt Hubbell and Naomi Lynn on Your Workday Kickoff as they discuss the worst thing about winter, and feel free to call in and let them know where you stand:
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