When's the last time you went out to buy a pair of jeans? If it was recently, you may have noticed there wasn't a lot of options.

Now, we can't speak for the guy's section or kid's section for jeans, but when it comes to the women's and junior's sections we've noticed something. We've noticed that there are only two or three different styles of jeans. Not only that, but the amount of pairs... Well, there's not a lot. Have you noticed this the last time you were shopping?

Maybe we're going to the wrong stores, although we checked six different places. It seems like just a few years ago, there would be rows and rows of jeans, in a variety of sizes, washes, style, and brands. We could find an abundance of skinny jeans, so if that's your style you're fine. But if you don't like that type of jeans, then it's slim-pickings for you.

Are we looking at the wrong stores? Or is this a new trend - Are less and less people wearing jeans?

Can you help us out with this mystery (especially for some of our coworkers who have been wondering the same thing)? Have you had a hard time finding jeans too, or do you think we're not looking in the right places? Where do you get your jeans (or do you not wear jeans)?
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