Many people choose not to wash their new clothes after buying them, but considering all of the people and places your new jeans have touched before even getting to the store, you might want to toss them in the washing machine before putting them on.

Experts told there are several reasons to wash every new piece of clothing you buy, from harmful chemicals to the potential of lice and even infectious diseases.

The best idea is to even wash each garment more than once just to be safe.

Wall Street Journal contributor Heidi Mitchell says the most important reasons to pre-wash your new clothes has to do with the dyes and formaldehyde resins used to make clothing.

"The big ones to watch for are azo-aniline dyes which are used on synthetic fabrics to color them," Mitchell said. "Also, Urea formaldehyde which is in anything that's wrinkle-free. If you're allergic you can get pretty bad allergies. For the rest of us, it can just be irritating."

So there you have it, between harmful chemicals and dyes, and the possibility of catching lice or an infection, the best possible thing to do is ALWAYS wash your new clothes before wearing them.

Maybe even wash them twice.

Do you wash your new clothes before wearing them? If you don't will you start now?

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