Check the job openings in this region, and you probably won't see a help wanted advertisement for a coal miner.  There are some other careers we've seen in other parts of the United States that just wouldn't work here in Central New York.

Lobsterman.   No, it's not a comic book superhero from the sea with claws.  A lobsterman is a person who fishes for lobsters.  They must know where and how to set the traps that catch thousands of pounds of lobsters.  They work in all weather conditions.  It's profitable, but not a very fun gig.

Cranberry Farmer.  In Southeastern Massachusetts you'll find dozens of cranberry farms.  The Ocean Spray headquarters is located in that area as well.  Cranberries grow in bogs that have to be flooded with water in order to harvest the berries.  The farmers work in about 2 feet of water to collect the thousands of pounds they grow each season.  Like all forms of farming, the job is very difficult and very dirty.  Add the pleasure of wading around in water all day in some very chilly temperatures.

Goldminer.    If you were to travel to Southern Arizona, you might cross paths with someone who does this for a living.  There are still a few operating gold mines near Tucson.  It's another dirty job, and the miners are not allowed to keep any samples.

Rodeo Cowboy.  Although rodeos visit our area during the summer months, most rodeo cowboys are not based in this area.  Rodeos are a way of life in places like Texas, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.   Many men and women make a good living by travelling throughout the southwest all year as rodeo cowboys.

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