We have another 'Would You Rather' question to get you thinking on this Friday. This time we're talking about money and life.

It's time to put you in another bizarre, never-gonna-happen situation, and find out which scenario you would rather be in. The past few questions have been pretty hard - With both options being bad, and you had to choose between the 'lesser of two evils.' Like last week's question:

"Would You Rather - Not be able to lie (not even a little white lie to protect someone), OR Not be able to interpret people's emotions?"

Or a few weeks before that, when we asked:

"Would You Rather - Only be able to speak 500 words a day (which includes texting, typing, and any other way of communication), OR only be able to see for two hours a day?"

This week we want to make it more fun. Neither option for the question is bad (no picking which one is slightly less-worse).

Ready?? Okay, here's your question for this week:

Would You Rather: Be the richest person on the planet OR be immortal?

Let us know! You can vote in the poll below, or leave us a comment on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.



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