It's always fun to see what people will say when you give them a word association test. Let's see how well these 7 'victims' did with Central New York-themed words...

Word Association - It's pretty easy. One person says a word, and the other person says the first word that comes to their mind. That's what we did with these 7 people, giving them words and phrases from around the area. Here's the list of words so you can play along and compare your answers (if you're into having some fun):

1. Utica AUD

2. Varick Street

3. Halfmoon

4. The Valley

5. Rainbow

6. New Hartford

7. Boilermaker


Got your answers??

Okay, now watch the video at the top of this page and see how your responses compare with our 7 'victims.'

Our favorite was watching everyone pause for a moment as they searched for a word for "The Valley." That one seemed to throw almost everyone off... Almost.



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