Yes, we're talking about Utica, New York. An online post is going around claiming the star was involved in a bar brawl in our city.

What would Justin Bieber be doing in Utica last night?

Good question. According to one website, the "What Do You Mean" singer was fighting off attackers. The Baldwin Post claims,

Multiple news outlets from the Utica, New York area are reporting that pop superstar Justin Bieber was involved in a bar fight in Utica late last night. Witnesses are reporting that the pop star was attacked by two men and was able to fend them off until others came to his aid and restrained the two assailants until police arrived.

Is there any truth to this story?

Of course not, and for a few reasons...

First of all, "multiple news outlets from the Utica, New York area are reporting..." - We don't know about you, but we saw NOTHING in the media about a bar fight involving Justin Bieber in Utica. Who are these "news outlets" they're getting their information from?

Second, Justin Bieber isn't even in America right now. He's on the European leg of his "Purpose World Tour." There is no way he could have possibly been in the states last night, let alone Utica.

And Justin "...attacked by two men and able to fend them off..." - That's just hard to believe. His crew fighting off two men seems more realistic. Just saying.

Don't believe everything you read online! This story was written  by "Baldwin Post" - which is a "satirical news site" meaning they post fake news stories for humor purposes. The problem is, people start sharing these posts without looking at where the information is coming from.

Although... If Justin Bieber was in Utica, he probably would end up getting into a bar fight.




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