You’ve got to hand it to Katy Perry — even in the midst of what must be a painful divorce, she’s still managing to have fun with the rumors surrounding her love life, and flirting with some of the NFL’s most eligible bachelors in the bargain.

As you’re no doubt already aware, Katy has recently been linked to Tim Tebow, via a rumor suggesting that her minister parents would like to see her rebound from soon-to-be ex-hubby Russell Brand by hooking up (chastely, no doubt) with the openly religious Denver Broncos quarterback. Katy winked at these rumors during her pre-Super Bowl performance in Indianapolis over the weekend, reportedly dedicating her performance of the racy ‘Teenage Dream’ track ‘Peacock’ (sample lyric: “Let me see your Peacock“) to Tebow.

Also over the weekend, Katy presented an award at this year’s NFL Honors ceremony, and used her time at the podium to flirt with Tebow — who was sitting in the front row — by telling him, “Hey Tim, my parents say hi.”

But Katy wasn’t finished yet. After presenting an NFL Honors award to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, Perry posed with him for a photo, and was heard to quip, “You’ll be the first straight man I’ve had a photo with in a long time, so live up to it.”

Newton took it in stride, responding simply, “I am.”

Katy probably has other things on her mind besides dating NFL stars, but it was still nice to see her having fun — and showing a sense of humor about all the post-divorce gossip swirling around her. If you had to choose between Tebow and Newton for the new man in Katy’s life, which one would you pick?

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