Do you know what the term "Tebowing" means?  Even if you're not a football fan, you probably have heard of Tim Tebow, who currently plays for the NY Jets.  He's now trademarked what's he grown famous for.  

Tim Tebow isn't just famous for his skills on the football field.  He's also a devout Christian who often drops to one knee, holding a clenched fist to his head as he prays during football games.  The former Broncos quarterback's move was nicknamed "Tebowing" and now he's trademarked the phrase.  Asked why, Tebow said he trademarked the phrase to help control how it's used and "make sure it's used in the right way."  Tebow is a polarizing figure.  You either love him or hate him.  Those on both sides I'm sure will have something to say about trademarking his famous prayer stance.

Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images