Mark Sanchez was at his best in Sunday's win over Buffalo. Sanchez put up big numbers but we need to see him do this more consistently this season. New York's success doesn't fall on him alone, but beating the Pittsburgh Steelers would do wonders for our Jets.

Beating the Bills was cake in my book. However, the Steelers will not be that easy. In order to win we will need to work on a few things. One big fix is we need to rush the offense and avoid our fumbles.

It was nice to see Shonn Greene go into workhorse mode and carry the ball 27 times for a passable 94 yards and a score, pushing hard for every yard on every down. Unfortunately, Greene also had his share of mistakes with two fumbles that were luckily recovered by New York. The fumbles will have to stop. He got lucky on Sunday, but those balls won't always bounce back into the Jets hands.”

Greene can't continue to be the only reliable rushing option for this team. Running backs Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight combined only for 13 yards on four attempts. This will need to improve going into the game this Sunday.

I was pretty impressed with Mark Sanchez’s game play even if it was against the Bills. He’s showed great improvement, and hopefully he can keep this going. Maybe it’s the threat of Tebow, or maybe he felt it was time to step up. We can only hope for another victory going into Sunday’s game.


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