If tying a record with Michael Jackson wasn't enough prestige for Katy Perry, the singer is now the only artist to have two music videos hit over 1 billion views on Vevo.

According to an Instagram post she shared today (July 9), Katy's music video for "Roar" hit the milestone number just a month after "Dark Horse" did the same. She thanked fans for their relentless repeat views with a heartfelt caption beneath a photo of five kittens she either recently acquired or found somewhere.

The text reads, "I know I'm Laty Perry on this one but I just want to S/O my faithful furs the KatyCats for patting their paws so many times on their technical devices AND once again making one of my videos, ROAR, reach over a BILLION views! That makes me (us) the only artist (family) to ever have two BILLI'S under our belts. Thank you for continuing to show the world your constant dedication and patience to/with me during this period of R&D..."

Congratulations to Katy for refusing to be another flash in the pan, but more importantly, we wonder what the deal is with the above five kittens. Are they new additions to her ever-growing clowder of cats? Are they replacements? Despite an extensive Google search, we are no closer to knowing just how many feline friends Katy spends her time with, but at least we know she owns slippers with her fanbase name "Katy Cats" emblazoned across the top. Check out the above photo to see her bravely rocking the normcore chic look in all of its terrible mediocrity.

If you have yet to contribute to the 1 billion views for the "Roar" music video, you can remedy that by heading over to YouTube now.

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