Kris Williams known for her tour on SyFy Channel's Ghost Hunters as a member of the TAPS team is coming to investigate Hotel Utica and has a special message for everyone.

Kris Williams is coming to Utica on Halloween 2015 to join Haunts & Legends LIVE along with Chris DiCesare to lead participants in a first time ever investigation of the Haunted Hotel Utica including the forbidden floors. Kris Williams spent more than five years with The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) team investigating haunted sites around the country for SyFy Channel's Ghost Hunters before she joined Ghost Hunters International to search the globe. Kris has a special message for Haunts & Legends LIVE attendees.

Kris Williams was raised in southern New Hampshire where she studied art, film, radio, history and genealogy. She grew up in a house that was very open-minded about the paranormal. Her mother grew up in an active house, her father’s side always spoke of experiences and she grew up with a few of her own.

In 2006 she had 5 people close to her pass away, which lead her to question her beliefs. Her 8-year friendship with Jay and Grant, her love of history, her interest in the paranormal and her own need for answers made her want to get involved with TAPS. She has appeared on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International with appearances on SyFy’s Destination Truth.

***Hotel Rooms include tour of Forbidden floors with SyFy stars and ghost hunters, admission to Psychic fair, the ability to meet the talent, in addition to the ability to investigate other floors of the hotel independently or with talent as time permits.

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