Lady Gaga always attacks social norms in a way that is both shocking and confusing and while her methods are unorthodox, her point is usually right on target. This time she's trying to rally together and encourage all of those that suffer from eating disorders by tweeting photos of herself in her underwear.


Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Clear Channel


...Gaga created a movement among her fans on her social media site that she calls the Body Revolution. After days of media scrutiny over her weight, she posted several snapshots of herself in just her underwear. Over the first she wrote “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15.” Then she encouraged members of the online community to post their own pics as a way of overcoming insecurities and telling a judgmental society to back the hell off.


You can see Lady Gaga's tweeted photos and read more here... Her methods tend to be so controversial because they're not usually well thought-out or tactful although her heart does seem to be in the right place. YouBeauty Self-Image Expert Kathleen Quinlan had this to say about going public like Lady Gaga has:


“It gets very complicated when people with body image issues are posting pictures. They look at themselves and other people and compare. But it’s not an objective, logical comparison; it’s fueled by an inherently distorted body image and it’s difficult for these people to see the reality of their own reflections. They want positive feedback, but they’re looking through a distorted lens. What we’re missing is that while a person with an eating disorder might be perceived as thin and beautiful, she sincerely believes she is severely overweight. I might say that Gaga looks great, but who knows what Gaga sees when she looks at her own image. The underlying core of the disorder is that it’s not about your body, it’s about your thoughts. It’s a brain disease with physical symptoms. It’s about thoughts and feelings and the results affect your body. That’s what’s objectively easier to see.”


Well, 'nuff said I guess... Kathleen pretty much nailed it on the head there, and if you're suffering from this thought-trap or know of someone who else who is, maybe encouragement is just around the corner although posting pictures while overt, doesn't appear to be the wisest of options.