Is Lake Effect rain a real thing? Can Central New York actually get it?

First off, let's answer is it real: Here in Central New York, yes it is. According to, it's formed similar to lake effect snow:

It's formed the same way as lake effect snow, by cooler air passing over warmer lakes. Because the air temperature is too warm for snow, the moisture picked up by winds from the lake falls as rain."

Next, can we actually get it here in Central New York? Yes.

Weather service meteorologist Steve Welch said lake effect showers don't usually start until September, but the past few weeks have been unusually warm and the air coming in from the north is unusually cool. We should expect some showers on the way

"If you have a warmer summer like the beginning of August through last week, where the temperature of the lake can warm up fairly decently, and then you have cold air mass coming in behind a cold front, those are the ingredients for lake effect," Welch said.