Lana Del Rey goes from Instagram chic to film noir in her new ‘Blue Jeans’ video.


The clip begins with a black and white image, seemingly underwater, of a solo Del Rey. There’s yelling and an instrumental intro to the song. The video fades to black after a bit and goes silent.

Obviously, given Del Rey’s air for drama in her videos, it wasn’t going to end there! The action begins again: A tattooed man smoking a cigarette by a swimming pool appears, and based on his bodily ink, it’s the same character whose hand was on Del Rey’s throat in the cover art for the ‘Blue Jeans’ single. We’re treated to Del Rey lying down, opening her eyes just as she begins to sing. Soon the man starts to take off his shirt (laaaaadies!), then the camera cuts to Del Rey. We see a familiar tattooed hand linger around her white swimsuit-clad bod.

Soon the guy splashes water on himself and dives into the swimming pool. Is this a music video or a Cool Water ad? Soon, Del Rey slowly enters the pool, and it turns out her apprehension is well warranted. There are alligators in the pool, though the deadliest creature is her own human companion.

Watch the Lana Del Rey ‘Blue Jeans’ Video