"Extreme Jeans" sounds like it could be a team of superheroes, but it's just the latest fashion trend out of L.A. To be precise, the stylish creation of Carmar Denim is called "Extreme Cut-Out Jeans" and a pair will run you $168. If you can even find them.

The company has sold out of its first run and there's a waiting list of consumers who want the trendy, um, pants. If you just gotta have 'em, you've got two choices: Put your name in the queue on the CarmarDenim.com website or take matters into your own hands and make 'em yourself. In another installment of Beth & Dave Try, we chose option B. And we're pretty proud of the results. This is how THEIR jeans look:

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 7.03.20 PM

For OUR version, we drove to Walmart and grabbed the least expensive jeans we could find, in this case, $9.98. Then, we took a pair of scissors and went to town. Here's a video of what we came up with here in Central New York for a LOT less money:

We tried to come as close as possible to the Carmar design, but you could probably make your own alterations, based on how much skin you want to expose and how much you want to risk snipping TOO much fabric and, uh, ruining a pair of jeans.

One tip: try to preserve the pockets, because if you're actually going to WEAR them, you'll need SOMEPLACE to put your cell phone, your car key, your credit card...and your dignity (see Bonus Video below).


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