Leo Lytel is a 15-year-old from Syracuse who performed stand-up on America's Got Talent. The Judges voted him through to the next round, but he never performed... What happened? Where did he go?

Last night was the 'America's Got Talent' episode I had been waiting for. It was the last set of Judge Cuts (so anyone who made it through the audition round, would have already gone, or be in the episode that was airing). Leo Lytel is a stand-up comedian from Syracuse, and after I watched him audition (and do amazingly well), I couldn't wait to see him perform for 'Judge Cuts.' In case you missed his first audition, check it out! He rocked it - and got four 'yeses' from the judges!

It was the last episode of Judge Cuts - he had to be on this one...

But he wasn't.

What happened? Where did he go? I was so mad! The only thing I could figure is maybe something in his own life happened - school, family, whatever - that stopped him from performing. But even with that excuse, I figured it would have been mentioned on the show. Nothing was said, it was like he just vanished! So I took to Twitter - knowing that I follow him, so there had to be some information... and there was.

More tweets follow about launching a #WheresOurLeo Campaign, and a #BringLeoBack Campaign. Both I would be on board with - this kid has amazing talent, and deserved to perform again during the Judge Cuts.


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