Radio gives you a platform to discuss things. However, sometimes you can't discuss those things in length.

It's time to introduce you to THE #SQUAD CAST podcast!

I decided to start this with my friends, aka the #SQUAD because let's be honest - I talk to myself on a daily basis and it's good to have some interaction. I don't really get to discuss things in length. This podcast is a great way to do just that. The other cool part? The #SQUAD changes each week - so there's always fresh perspective.

For the first episode of THE #SQUAD CAST podcast, I meet up with Kari, Bri, Steph, Joe, and Brady to talk about dating apps, horror stories, and what is looked for in a potential partner. Let's be honest here, dating online has become a new social norm, as opposed to back in the day when it was seen as a taboo. We break that down further and discuss some experiences we've personally had.

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