Have you ever wondered about how much some of the animals at the Utica Zoo eat? Or why there aren't certain animals at the zoo? You can get those questions answered.

We've enjoyed talking to Mike Beck, Director of Communications at the Utica Zoo, every week for "The Zoo's News." The topics range from a variety of subjects like "The Cost to Feed the Animals at the Zoo" to "New Animals on Display" to upcoming events, and everything else in between. Some of the inspiration for these segments come from questions that were submitted by our Lite 98.7 listeners/followers.

If you've been watching "The Zoo's News" feature and it has sparked some questions that you would like answered, now is your chance. These questions can be about anything involving the Utica Zoo, animals in general, events the zoo hosts, or anything you have ever wondered about this special attraction in our area. We'll get to as many questions as we can in upcoming segments of "The Zoo's News." All you have to do is fill out the form below:

We look forward to answering your questions with Mike Beck and others from the Utica Zoo in the following weeks. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy "The Zoo's News," and learning more about the animals and this special facility, right in our area.




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