We're back at the Utica Zoo for another segment of "The Zoo's News." This time we learn about a few new items inside their gift shop, and some of their favorites that make great holiday gifts.

Mike Beck, Director of Communications at the Utica Zoo, joins us again to tell us about some of the great holiday gifts you can pick up right at the Utica Zoo. New this year, they have created these adorable animal adoption boxes. Each box comes with a certificate of your adopted animal, a plush of your animal, and a photo. They cost $50 a piece, and that money goes to helping out the animal you adopted, whether it's food and treats or other supplies. Adoption boxes are available for the Red Pandas, wolves, and sea lions. You can still adopt any of the animals (and at any time of the year), but these are the only gift box choices.

In the video, you can see a bunch of the items available that make great holiday gifts. From Utica Zoo sweatshirts and socks, to coffee mugs and water bottles, to toys and stuffed animals for the kids.

Mike Beck also shows off one of his favorite items that makes a wonderful gift for Christmas...

...I love these guys, these are my favorite - The animals with the Utica Zoo hoodie... We have these in several different animals.

And they really are adorable. You can see how cute these little stuffed animals are in the video (at the top of this page).

So if you're looking for something unique, something really special for that Utica Zoo fan in your life, or that big animal-lover, we definitely suggest checking out all the options at the Utica Zoo's Gift Shop. And a reminder, even though we're getting into the winter season the Utica Zoo is open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

And if you have a question for the Utica Zoo, whether it has to deal with the animals at the zoo, upcoming events, or anything else, even a question about animals in general, you can submit it at the link below. We may feature it on an upcoming segment of "The Zoo's News."




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