It's a very festive, holiday-themed segment of "The Zoo's News" this week. We answer a little girl's question about what the Utica Zoo does for the animals for Christmas.

Mike Beck, Director of Communications at the Utica Zoo, joins us for another episode of "The Zoo's News." This week, we bring him a question from 9-year-old Macy from Herkimer. She wrote to us, asking:

Does the Utica Zoo do anything special for the animals during Christmas?

Actually, yes, the animals at the zoo have a special celebration during the holidays.

First, Beck explains that the Utica Zoo is closed to the public on Christmas Day, but just because the zoo is closed, doesn't mean no one is there. Zookeepers still have to work on Christmas to take care of the animals, feed them, make sure their areas are clean, and keep everything up and running.

But during the holidays (not just Christmas), the zookeepers will give some of the animals festive "gifts"...

...some of the zookeepers get pretty creative in terms of making presents for the animals. So the week before Christmas, you might see some photos on our social media, of Christmas presents being wrapped, sometimes they'll put food in them, or treats for them to scavenge.

Mike Beck says the Utica Zoo also gets a lot of donations during this time of the year. The donations come from their "Wish List," and a lot of those items are toys for the animals.

And it's not too late if you want to get a present or two for the animals at the Utica Zoo, or for the zookeepers, or even something to help keep the zoo up and running. You can get a whole list of the items the zoo is looking for, by visiting:

We want to thank Mike Beck for joining us for another segment of "The Zoo's News," and teaching us more about the animals at the zoo. And a big "Thank You" to Macy for submitting her question.

If you have any questions about the Utica Zoo, the animals at the zoo, upcoming events, or anything, feel free to submit them at the link below. It may be featured on a segment of "The Zoo's News."




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