Living in the area, you probably don't notice a lot of the street and directional signs. But if you're visiting the area, these are key signs you rely on. This one however, is completely pointless.

Well, the sign wouldn't be pointless if you could actually see it.

This was brought to my attention when my family came to visit just a few weeks ago. They were staying in Little Falls, and they are not familiar with the area (they've only been to Central New York three times). So all the directional signs are very important to them. Otherwise, they can't get around too well unless I'm in the vehicle with them.

We came across this sign in Little Falls:

Trees Covering a Sign in Little Falls
Naomi Lynn/TSM

What sign, right?!

Alright. Let's get a little bit closer...

A Little Bit of a Sign Poking Through the Trees in Little Falls
Naomi Lynn/TSM

You can't see it ahead of time because of all the branches around it, making it pretty much useless. By the time you actually get close enough to see it, it's too late.

Finally - You Can See the Sign Covered By Branches in Little Falls
Naomi Lynn/TSM

That's standing almost directly under the sign. If you're driving, that's not enough time to see anything. I know we live in a world of GPS, so who really needs road signs? But for a lot of us we want to make sure we're heading the right way. We need to KNOW that's the right road to turn onto.

But with all those branches, this sign has become pointless. It's probably the most pointless sign in Little Falls, maybe even the most pointless sign in CNY. Have you seen any other signs in the area completely covered up? Or any other signs that you think are completely useless?




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