The Copper Moose Ale House in Little Falls features some amazing beers and even more amazing food, and now, they've come up with a very unusual burger.

You love chocolate chip cookies, and you love bacon cheeseburgers - but what about together? According to their Facebook post - that's exactly what you'll get at the Copper Moose: "Our stacked burger special will blow you away tonight...our delicious burger on a soft pretzel bun topped with spicy Thai chili pepper sauce, 2 slices of bacon, a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie and whipped cream."

We talked to owner Eric Lewis about the inspiration behind this unique burger: "we run a “Stacked Burger” special every Thursday night, last night’s was the chocolate chip cookie burger. Thursday gives my cooks a chance to go a little wild and come up with a crazy but great tasting burger. Yesterday Seth, one of my cooks was in early to smoke pork and make a very spicy Thai chili pepper sauce. Knowing he wanted to use the sauce on a burger he just had an AHA moment and thought a chocolate chip cookie would balance out the heat. The smoked bacon, cookie, whipped cream and chili sauce went together really nicely. The customers that got it said the combination developed really deep flavors. We’ll come up with another “Stacked Burger” next Thursday, my creative chefs all collaborate and experiment to make it happen."

If you want to try an unusual burger, or more standard but really good food - try the Copper Moose in Little Falls. They're located at 518 E Main St, Little Falls and you can check out their menu on Facebook.


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