A woman starts planning her wedding day when she's young.  She dreams of the big white dress, the flowers, the groom, the location and the attention the day brings her.  She also dreams of how her prince charming will pop the question. Lately, it seems the wedding proposal are becoming more elaborate.  Thanks to Isaac, the bar has been set extremely high after his creative moving flash mob, proposal.

Isaac's brother sat his girlfriend in the back of an open car and gave her headphones, saying he wanted to play her a song.  What she got instead was the world's first live lip-dub proposal to Bruno Mars 'I Think I Want to Marry You.'

It starts with just a few people in the street, singing and dancing.  Once it hits the chorus, more people appear including a marching band.  He even has people who can't attend, sing and dance on laptop computers, so they could be a part of the proposal too.

The crowd finally parts for Isaac to walk towards his future fiance.  On bended knee, he pops the questions.  Good thing she said yes.  That would have been a lot of work down the drain if she hadn't.

Now that's a proposal every girl can only dream of.  Way to go Isaac!  Check out the video over 5 million people have already watched in just a few days.

-Jordan Baker