There are many details that are still unknown about the tragic story of the 19-year-old, Lucas Leonard, who was allegedly beaten to death by his parents Bruce and Deborah Leonard of Clayville. The family had a number of pets in the household and Lainey's Army, a local animal rights group, was involved with the rescue of these animals.

In a post on Facebook the group's founder, Kim Strong, had this to say about the groups role in all this,

If you wonder how we can keep asking for more and more help ....Take a look in their eyes .....take a look at their surroundings ...take a look with your heart....and you will never ask the question of Laineys army again....These dogs will be fostered until this you[ng] man is well...I do not know what will happen after that...but he IS going to see his animals again....this young man deserves at least that from this community ...The difference between every other group on the planet and us? We help animals .....and people too.....And we do it with a glad heart....And I am making this statement once...if you have negative stuff to say...get off the page....I am in no mood.....We don't care if you dissagree...we do what we feel is right ...and we do it with gusto...

Here are Some Photos of The Leonard's Pets:

If you would like to help, you can contact Lainey's Army via their Facebook page or call 315-794-6372.

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