I am notorious for losing my phone. I set it down and just forget where I put it. A study was recently published that says you are 50 percent more likely to lose your phone in the summer time, which makes sense.

However, there are numerous tricks that are easy that can help you eliminate, or lessen, your chances of losing it forever!

First thing's first, if you have an Apple iPhone, there's this app called "Find My iPhone" which allows you to see the satellite location of where your phone is located. You can log on an alternative device, computer, iPad, etc. to access the location. You can also send an alert to your phone so you can hear it if it's on silent and need the volume turned on (this has been a huge lifesaver for me!)

The same thing is essentially the same with Android devices, you just have to download the app called "Find My Device."

The not so obvious tip that this study tested involves your lock screen! A team of researchers left a bunch of phones in random locations around New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta. The phones with contact information on the lock screen were THREE times more likely to be returned.

It's great that a majority of Americans keep their phones locked with a passcode, but that makes it nearly impossible for a good Samaritan to return it to you. Adding an image on the lock screen that includes an 'if lost' contact number or email address makes it easier for someone to return it to you. Our data shows this simple trick will greatly increase your chances of getting your phone back if you lose it.

The easiest way to do this? Take an Instagram Story with your photo choice and add in contact info. Download the image to your phone. From there, go to Settings – Wall Paper and Themes. Select your downloaded image, then press Set as Wallpaper – Lock Screen.

The more you know!


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