In a state with over seven thousand lakes, there are a few that will stand out more than the rest. This lake in Central New York is one of them.

Welcome to Green Lakes State Park - But don't think the name says it all. There's far more to see and experience at this park.

Located in Manlius, this state park actually has two lakes "Green Lake" and "Round Lake." On a calm day, these lakes give off a mirror-like appearance. The lakes are both so deep and clear they are a paradise on their own. But the state park has more to offer. There are more than 10 miles of hiking trails in the park, along with campsites, cabins, areas to fish, a playground, golfing, and so much more. And don't forget about the beach! Green Lake has a huge beach on the tip of the lake that's perfect for laying out in the sun, games in the sand, and of course swimming.

But what makes this park so special?

Another View of Green Lake at Green Lakes State Park in New York
Matt Conheady via YouTube

Well, we mentioned earlier that the lakes are deep. We meant really, REALLY deep. Green Lake is 195 feet deep, according to NY Falls. But it's not just the deep water that makes these lakes so unique. These lakes don't connect with any other water source - No rivers or another body of water. This makes it so the water doesn't mix and it doesn't end up getting that muddy-look. The water stays it's refreshing blue-green tint.

NY Falls says the best time to head to this park is in the Fall. This could be because of the changing leaves and the amazing photographs that can be taken, but we believe anytime is the best time to go! The park is open until the middle of October, and will reopen in the middle of May. You can get more information on Green Lakes State Park here.

So before you wrap up your summer, maybe make one more day-trip out and head to Green Lakes State Park. It's perfect for the whole family - The kids can burn off some energy by swimming and going through the hiking trails, you can take amazing photographs, and everyone can experience some quality family time, out with nature.




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