After a neighbor complained, one man was forced by the city to take down his Christmas lights and decorations.

Can you imagine decorating your house for Christmas - getting into the holiday spirit, and then being forced to take those decorations down? Well that's what happened to this man. It all started when his neighbor complained about the decorations, saying the lights were too bright.

Once you see these decorations, you're not going to believe it. This guy didn't go crazy over-the-top with his light set-up, but there were a lot of lights. It doesn't look like enough for someone to complain about, but apparently his neighbor felt that it was.

The city sent authorities out to investigate the complaint. Normally, these situations are handled just by using their better judgement. This time however, there was a reason for the light display to be taken down. Unfortunately, the decorations from the sidewalk to the curb were in the city's right of way, and had to go. All the other decorations though, were fine to stay. WDIV Local 4 in Detroit, Michigan has all the details on this story.




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