Mateo is a five year-old Terrier, Pit Bull mix and he's looking for a nice home in the Utica-Rome area and Mohawk Valley region. Here's the story he told to Tamara, from the Humane Society of Rome...

My name is Mateo (aka Teo; TAY-YO) I'm a sweet and fun 3 year old boy who loves attention and some fun! I've been here at the shelter since December of 2019 which means it is coming up on a year of me being here, but I know finding my perfect family is worth the wait so I will continue to be patient. My shelter friends call me a "sweet man" and love to spend time with me. They also say that I have an amazing amount of potential, I just need an experienced owner to help refine my great skills and qualities. I already have "sit" and "shake" down pat. With a little work, I could become a great hiking or running partner. I already love a good walk when my dog walking friend George visits the shelter and takes me for walks during the week. I need an owner who understands a dog like me - a strong boy who needs to release some energy by getting outside each day and playing a good game of TUG-O-WAR! I do love playtime and I am still working on playing gentle, so I just need a bit of patience and guidance to help me out. Even though I enjoy being active, I also LOVE to getting some cuddle time while having a conversation or two!! I am very content to simply soak up the sun and get all the belly rubs. My future family can consist of kids 14 and older and no other animals, but don’t let that discourage you because the staff said I have lots of love to give being a single pet in a home. Come down to the shelter, talk to the staff about me a little and ask to meet me, I would be a great new addition to the right family!

Credit: The Humane Society of Rome
Credit: The Humane Society of Rome

Here's the video shoot of our in-studio meet-and-greet with Mateo:

Contact the Humane Society of Rome through their website or at (315) 336-7070 if you're interested in adopting Mateo or any of the great animals they have.

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