Paytin Synakowski is giving away 50 backpacks stuffed with school supplies to other kids who need them.

9-year-old Paytin is entering the 4th grade in the Poland Central School district, but don't let her age fool you: this is the third year she's spread kindness to kids in need.  In order to raise money to purchase the school supplies, Paytin has sold her own toys, and held bake sales and bottle drives.

This year, Paytin is giving away 50 backpacks filled to the brim with school supplies, and even a water bottle to Central New York kids in need, at area schools and the Ronald McDonald House.

Payin's mom, Tracy says it all started 3 years ago, when the family was getting ready to move. Paytin sold her toys to save money to go to Disney, but then decided to spend the money to buy school supplies for other kids instead.

Credit: Tracy Synakowski
Credit: Tracy Synakowski

Paytin isn't done yet. "She is going to continue collecting donations and cans and bottles because she wants to be able to do more again for Christmas for families. And maybe add a toy or two."

If you'd like to contribute toys or supplies to Paytin (or pick up some goodies at her next bake sale), get in touch with Tracy on Facebook, or just send her a text message at 315-867-9460.

Paytin's biggest hope is that more kids will follow her lead.

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