Is Megyn Kelly serious? The same woman who spent full hours of her show decrying the treatment of women in Hollywood and politics is now suggesting 'fat shaming' as a diet hack?

Megyn Kelly interviewed "Fit Mom" Maria Kang on her show - you remember her? She's the super-fit mommy blogger who posed for a picture with her six-pack abs and three kids captioned "What's your excuse?"

Megyn suggested that Maria develop 'fat-shaming' into a business because "some women want to be fat-shamed" and then went on to describe how she used to ask her step-father to call her a fat-___ if he saw her headed toward the fridge.

Is she kidding? 

It's safe to say that most women who are motivated to lose weight already feel bad. Speaking for myself - I don't need to be fat-shamed by someone else - I can manage to make myself feel bad all on my own. I thought Megyn Kelly was all about empowering other women? In case she needs clarification: this isn't empowering, it's insulting.

I get asking others to support you for the purpose of accountability, but what Megyn is suggesting is akin to saying that a great way to motivate kids who are struggling academically is by repeatedly calling them "stupid" - we would never do that to a child, why would anyone suggest we do it to women?

Megyn Kelly likes to paint herself as a voice for women - but when you suggest 'fat shaming' as a diet hack, you don't speak for me - or for many other women. 



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