Test your knowledge with our Mindbender Trivia questions (and answers) from your More Music Morning Show. Here is this week's Q&As...


Monday 06/26/17: If you want to keep the mosquitoes away this summer, experts say you should avoid this... What is it?

Answer: Drinking beer

Tuesday 06/27/17: The average person replaces this household item every 10 years... What is it?

Answer: Vacuum cleaner

Wednesday 06/28/17: A new survey found that this is the first thing nearly 80% of women do when they breakup with a guy... What is it?

Answer: They unfriend him on Facebook

Thursday 06/29/17: In 1950, about 7% of people did this. Now, over 70% of people do this... What is it?

Answer: Dye their hair

Friday 06/30/17: In a new survey, people were asked to describe their spouse in one word. "Sweet" was the number two most popular answer... What was the most popular answer?

Answer: Stubborn





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