Test your knowledge with our Mindbender Trivia from your More Music Morning Show. Here are all the questions and answers for this week...


Monday 06/19/17: The majority of people surveyed agree that dad is the better choice than mom when it comes to teaching this... What is it?

Answer: Riding a bike

Tuesday 06/20/17: In a recent survey, nearly 70% of people say this helps them stay fit... What is it?

Answer: Having a dog

Wednesday 06/21/17: About 11% of new parents have admitted to falling asleep in this place... Where is it?

Answer: In the shower

Thursday 06/22/17: A single person does this twice as much as someone in a relationship... What is it?

Answer: Text

Friday 06/23/17: 15% of people say they would rather do this WITHOUT their significant other... What is it?

Answer: Grocery shopping






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