I’ve been on a diet, and exercising like crazy lately. But much of our diets really depend on what we do each and every day. Sometimes we're on autopilot, and make bad choices without even knowing it.

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Some of the things we do without thinking are causing us to stay fat. Here are some of those mindless habits that cause weight gain according to Yahoo Health:

  • Eating while distracted- Sometimes, entire meals are consumed without giving one thought to what we're actually putting in our mouths. I tend to do this a lot while driving, maybe you do too.
  • Going wild on the weekend- Relaxing and having fun on the weekends is important. But eating junk food for 48 hours straight is a problem. Every diet needs a cheat day or two, but not 4.
  • Making bad coffee decisions- Coffee becomes trouble when it’s one of those giant cups, whipped up with loads of sugar and cream.

Read the full list from Yahoo Health.

The one big habit I’m really bad on is the going wild one. I’ll tend to over-eat junk food, just because it’s the weekend. But hey, we are all allowed to make mistakes!

What habit do you know is causing you to be unhealthy that you just can't seem to break?

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