If you're struggling to lose weight, you know how hard it is to stick to a diet plan. Now a study says you don't have to...entirely.

Move over, kale - it's time for a cheeseburger. 

According to a study conducted in Portugal, and reported on in Men's Health, staying on a healthy eating plan day in and day out makes you miserable (thanks for that breakthrough). However, a study of two groups of dieters, where one group had a single cheat day on Sundays - demonstrated that the group with the cheat day still lost weight, but they were happier and more likely to stick with the diet over the long term.

Uh, yeah.

So what's the takeaway message? If you want to lose weight, you should eat healthfully, but it's okay to eat the things you love - within reason. The study's authors say that the key is to pick a specific day as your "cheat day" and to keep the servings of your favorite food within reason - so 1 cheeseburger, not 3.

So head over to your favorite CNY spot for wings and a beer, and enjoy that half-moon cookie - science says it's okay.


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