Places all over the country have these unofficial 'Float Downs.' If something like that started in Utica would you participate?

First off, a 'Float Down' is a pretty cool event. A huge group of people get together (and by huge, I mean at least a few hundred), and float down a river, or waterway in rafts, homemade floatation devices, and inner tubes. Usually crowds gather along the shore to watch all the people float by - some people throw out beads, or jello shots, or squirt the floaters with water guns.

It's a fun summer event that I think we should start out here. Port Huron, Michigan has one every year (again, it's an unofficial event - it's not put on by the city, but just a group of people who do it every year). This is a video off their Facebook Page that shows what the float down looks like:

It starts at 1pm. Everyone grabs their rafts and such and they start heading down the river. Now, it's quite a long trip - most people get out of the river in Marysville (a few miles away), and that's usually by 6pm. An all-day float down, just relaxing and soaking up the sunshine!

If a group of people got together and started planning a Mohawk River Float Down, would you want to be a part of it? I know people go tubing down the West Canada Creek - but what if hundreds of people did it - all at the same time? I think we need to start getting a group together!




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