The Mohawk Valley Perinatal Network is proud to present 'Breastfeed Your Baby Here' - a community initiative that brings breastfeeding mothers and businesses and organizations together.

Mother Breastfeeds Her Baby in Public
Photo by: Andrew Burton/Getty Images News

It has been a hot topic for quite some time - breastfeeding mothers in public. Well, the Mohawk Valley Perinatal Network is trying to take some of the heat off this situation with their 'Breastfeed Your Baby Here' Community Initiative. Starting August 1st - National Breastfeeding Month - you may see the 'breastfeed your baby here' logo on certain businesses and organizations around Central New York. This means this business or organization not only is okay with a mother breastfeeding, but they support it.

So far (as of July 31st) 13 businesses and organizations have gotten on board with the 'Breastfeed Your Baby Here' Initiative, including:

- The Bagel Grove

- The Community Co-Op

- The Tramontane Cafe

- The Center for Family Life and Recovery (both in Utica and Herkimer)

- Cafe Domenico

- Cornell Cooperative Extension of Herkimer County

- Dunham Public Library

- The Herkimer/Madison County WIC Program

- Peter's Cornucopia

- The Herkimer County Healthy Families/ Herkimer County Public Health

- Evelyn's House

- Oneida County Health Department Diagnostic and Treatment Center

The Mohawk Valley Perinatal Network has teamed up with these businesses and organizations in our community to try and help 'normalize' breastfeeding. Breastfeeding has many benefits for growing babies (including reducing the risk of infections, pneumonia, obesity, and other sicknesses), but some of those health benefits continue into adulthood.




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